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29 July 2021

The Latin America CAPE would like to invite you to a dynamic and interactive webinar to influence the design of our next flagship programme for businesses.

We are teaming up with CAPE academics and key stakeholders to focus this initiative on diversifying to new markets such as Latin America. From assessing operational readiness to developing intercultural and strategic plans, this programme will give companies, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to be part of a community of thinkers and doers exploring how to research, validate and enter LatAm (or other CAPE) markets.

Attending this webinar will help you shape the content and structure of our programme to make it relevant to your firm or organization, and help us ensure it complements the work of other agencies. More broadly, it will give you the chance to hear our initial thinking around focus, tools and themes, and to share your perspective on which topics would most assist exporters taking on new Asia-Pacific markets.

Come along, share your insights, and help us create a unique demand-based offering that will prepare you and your peers to seize new opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

12 August 2021