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An image of the Amazon River and jungle

Data Visualisation Tool

Picture of the Amazon River

The value of this resource will lie in its innovative use and delivery of big data to reveal opportunities in Latin America for New Zealand businesses.

As New Zealand looks to reconnect to the world the CAPEs have a vital role to play in preparing New Zealanders to trade with Asia-Pacific markets through the transfer of academic knowledge. For businesses, peak bodies, policymakers, and the media to take a greater look at Latin America than previously, too, the Latin America CAPE needs to continuously innovate in how we introduce the region to them. This resource will therefore bring diverse and largely inaccessible datasets together in novel ways that are useful to different users at different levels. While business executives or senior officials can use it to see a high-level vision, their staff can use it to flesh that vision out, and exporters can use it to establish their credibility with potential Latin American partners and clients.

This project is being developed by Joseph Michael (Director of AUT’s Art + Science Lab) in collaboration with the Latin America CAPE. Michael is widely and highly regarded for his ability to fuse different technologies which are not traditionally coupled to achieve world-first visual effects and inspirational immersive experiences.

Michael previously collaborated with the Latin America CAPE to produce Amazon Raised Up Sky.