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  -  Business   -  Southeast Asia Business   -  Market Readiness: ASEAN Workshop, New Plymouth

20 June 2024

On June 19, in collaboration with ExportNZ and Business Central, we ran our flagship Market Readiness Programme (MRP) for New Zealand businesses in New Plymouth. This event showcases our commitment to helping businesses across New Zealand gain market-specific knowledge and navigate the diversities of the Southeast Asian market. 

During the programme, we explored the complexities of trading environments and cultural differences, offering key insights and strategies for businesses aspiring to enter the Southeast Asian market. This initiative combined the academic expertise of scholars with practical, real-world experiences, specifically designed to equip new entrants with the necessary tools for a successful launch into ASEAN markets. 

We extend our special thanks to Associate Professor Fandy Tjiptono and Dr. Grigorij Ljubownikow for their invaluable insights, and to all participants in the region for their enthusiasm and willingness to engage with the potential of the Southeast Asian market.

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