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The 11 countries: Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam (all ASEAN countries) and Timor-Leste, make up the culturally and ethnically diverse region of Southeast Asia, with hundreds of languages spoken by different ethnic groups. ASEAN’s economic importance to New Zealand is growing, and it is now our country's fourth largest trading partner

With a focus on strengthening engagement with the Southeast Asia region, the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (Southeast Asia CAPE) supports New Zealand businesses, exporters, educators, young people, government agencies and others to improve understanding of the ASEAN countries and build knowledge of their economies, languages, cultures and business protocols.

Southeast Asia CAPE delivers a range of programmes and initiatives, including:


Workshops, internships, expert seminars and resources to develop business skills and capability to promote success in Southeast Asian markets. This includes our Market Readiness Programme (MRP) which introduces New Zealand’s entrepreneurs, founders and small business managers to the marketplaces of Southeast Asia

Immersive programmes and resources for students and educators from primary to tertiary level. For example, our Tertiary Market Immersion Programme (TMIP) provides an opportunity for business-savvy tertiary students from across New Zealand to engage with Southeast Asia and to broaden their understanding of doing business in the region

Southeast Asia CAPE Hub

Upcoming Events

Southeast Asia CAPE Hub

Upcoming Events

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"I can safely say that this has been the most informative experience I've had at university"

(TMIP) Karan Kalsi

"You have certainly achieved your mission of creating a pipeline of young people who are interested and informed about the SEA region,"

(TMIP) Maisy Bentley

"I'm now an ASEAN convert and would love to work in the region once I graduate"

(TMIP) Karan Kalsi

"I've made many valuable contacts, had a multitude of new learnings and made life-long friendships"

(TMIP) Garth Tunnicliffe

"Learning business in Southeast Asia has been something I will never forget and take with me into the workforce"

(TMIP) Abbey Smith

"The workshop was very eye opening and full of very valuable insights"

(EMBA) Julian De Meo

"A good idea for businesses wanting to compare southeast Asian Markets before entering any"

Maria Gray

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