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26 June 2024

With CAPE funding coming to an end, the programmes offered by our Otago colleagues will close this week, and our North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America Centres will largely concentrate their activity on their own regions before the CAPEs wind up on October 31.

The Directors of all our Centres and work programmes would like to thank you for all the support you have given to our work over the last seven years. We’re grateful for the opportunity we have had to share expertise, build connections, open minds, and change lives, and are proud of the results we’ve achieved. These outcomes could not have been possible, however, without the contributions of our partners to our initiatives or the interest of our participants. Together we have transferred knowledge to businesses, students and communities, and introduced our regions and the wider Asia-Pacific to our audiences in highly original and transformative ways.

In the next four months the individual CAPEs and Waikato’s Education and Māori teams will continue to communicate with their stakeholders on specific initiatives. Please reach out to them separately if you would like to know more about their remaining work.