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An image of students at Otago University a Creating a step change in New Zealand’s Asia-Pacific skills and knowledge Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence
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The Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) collectively form a hub of intercultural expertise for New Zealanders to prepare for and find success in the diverse and vibrant Asia-Pacific region: North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America

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What we do

What we do

The CAPEs offer accessible, relevant, practical education and support for New Zealanders of all backgrounds and professions: businesses, government agencies, educators, students, and the wider public

We support people like you to succeed

“My internship in Chile definitely empowered me to take a more active role in promoting access to knowledge and decision-making around trade for structurally oppressed communities, and that’s a kaupapa I’d like to dedicate myself to going forward. ”

- Laura Somerset, Latin America CAPE 2019 ABAC Intern in Chile

This programme has given us the opportunity to dream really big!!! It's exciting to think how we as indigenous artists can enter markets we hadn't previously thought possible and make meaningful connections’

- Lissy Robinson-Cole, Designer and Founder, Lissy Cole Designs, North Asia CAPE Polynesian Creative Cluster Programme

"As I go forward in my studies, community work, business ventures and career SEA will be much more present in my mind. Whether it is as a potential area of research, a market for expansion or otherwise. TMIP has given me a foundation of knowledge, cultural competency and confidence to do so.”

- Maisy Bentley, Participant, Southeast Asia CAPE Tertiary Market Immersion Programme