Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence

CAPEs Market Insights Programme 2019

The North Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) are joining forces to offer the Market Insights Programme (MIP) in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

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What are the Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence?

The North Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs) are committed to enhancing New Zealand’s economic engagement and cultural understanding with the Asia-Pacific region, and building New Zealanders' understanding and ability to engage.

The CAPEs offer events, programmes, scholarships, internships, and other initiatives to support New Zealand's businesses, schools, communities and students to understand the key countries of the Asia-Pacific region better.


What do the CAPEs have planned for 2019?

In 2019, the CAPEs will work both independently and collectively to deliver a diverse suite of programmes designed to enhance outcomes for New Zealanders doing business with, learning the languages of, and deepening their cultural understandings about the key regions of the Asia-Pacific.

Read the North Asia CAPE’s 2019 planned programme of work

Read the Southeast Asia CAPE’s 2019 planned programme of work

Read the Latin America CAPE's 2019 planned programme of work 


How do the CAPEs operate?

The Southeast Asia and Latin America CAPEs are hosted by Victoria University of Wellington. The North Asia CAPE is hosted by the University of Auckland. Together with the Universities of Waikato and the University of Otago, they deliver the service offerings of the three CAPEs.

The CAPEs Advisory Board offers guidance on the strategic direction and approach of the CAPEs, ensuring that our work is underpinned by a wealth of expertise and experience across national and international business, trade, education and cultures.

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When were the CAPEs launched?

The North Asia CAPE, along with the Southeast Asia CAPE and Latin America CAPE, were formally launched at Parliament in April 2018 by Education Minister Hon Chris Hipkins.


Watch the launch video (2'31")

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