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6 August 2021

“Being able to experience task-based learning first-hand provided us with valuable insight into planning and facilitating such activities in the future, and has also inspired us with new confidence to incorporate more Task Based Learning activities,” says Joel Wong, languages teacher, Westlake Boys’ High School

Over the last two Fridays, language teachers from around New Zealand participated in the Programme for Asian Language Collaboration in Teaching (PACT) workshops at Future Learning Solutions (FLS) located at the University of Auckland Epsom campus.

“Personally I learned how I can begin to take what I do in the classroom and tweak it to help student engagement and learning,” says Wendy Webster, Science and Japanese teacher, Freyberg High School.

This semester-based programme has been running for over three years, reaching upwards of 60 teachers of Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Through the workshops, teachers have had the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of how to implement task-based or task-assisted strategies into their classes to make them more interactive, communicative and fun.

This programme is aimed at year 0-13 registered teachers of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese or Korean language, and is supported by the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.