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Join the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) for the launch of the Sense Partners economic report New Zealand and Latin America – Update on the trade relationship, barriers, and opportunities.

We’ll be launching the report firstly in Auckland over breakfast on Wednesday 27 July at the MFAT/NZTE Offices at 139 Quay Street, with a follow-up lunchtime session in Wellington on 29 July at The Atom – Te Kahu o te Ao at Victoria University.

With a fantastic and informed set of speakers, we will look at where New Zealand’s trade relationship with Latin America stands. We will also take the opportunity to discuss our new video series Finding success in Latin America – the reoccurring themes, whose case studies illustrate the arguments presented in the report.

Dr Matthew O’Meagher, LatAm CAPE Director, will be the moderator at both sessions, with Auckland featuring:

  • Andrew Schoultz, Sense Partners
  • Dr. Tanya Jurado, Massey University
  • James Dixon, Latin America New Zealand Business Council.

Wellington will feature:

  • John Ballingal, Sense Partners
  • Gustavo A. Flores-Macias, Cornell University, USA
  • Nick Fogarty, Consultant, and former Executive VP Asia-Pacific at Seequent.

Mike O’Sullivan of Many Minds will make an address over video discussing the new video series.

Time and location


27 July: 7–9am
139 Quay Street

29 July: 12–2pm
The Atom—Te Kahu o Te Ao
Victoria University 33 Bunny Street