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  -  Education   -  LatAm Education   -  2022 Te Ara Tipu: July Wellington trip

7 July 2022

Te Ara Tipu – Path of Growth – is the CAPE’s new national tertiary student programme which runs from April to November. Te Ara Tipu brings together alumni from all three CAPEs to help them gain a better understanding of the opportunities the Asia-Pacific offers to them. The programme is a mix of purpose-built activities and additional opportunities offered by the CAPEs and our wider network.

In July, we organised a two-day trip to Wellington and arranged a series of activities for students, including visiting the Diplosphere conference, ministry visits, and a career panel discussion. The trip was a joint effort of the Te Ara Tipu and Ngā Hononga-ā-Kiwa teams, and was attended by students from both cohorts.

During this time, our Te Ara Tipu members learned intensively about Te Ao Māori and how they as Pākehā New Zealanders can do their part to support and advocate. We met incredibly insightful industry and community leaders that were exceptionally generous with their time and advice. And we bonded as a group to form, what we hope, will be lifelong friendships.


Students attended the Diplosphere conference which was subtitled ‘Navigating a Stormy World: Te Ao Māori Perspectives’. The conference was keynoted by Foreign Minister Hon Nanaia Mahuta and Sir Ian Taylor. Along with 26 other speakers, the conference reached an audience of 320 in-person participants. This was the first national conference on Māori perspectives on the great issues of our time.

The next day, Martin Wikaira, Director, Māori Policy Unit, who was also a speaker at the Diplosphere conference, hosted our students in MFAT’s Whare Aorere. We were joined by Chris Seed, Chief Executive and Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the whole session who gave an overview of MFAT operations in New Zealand, as well as worldwide. Chris also gave us an insight into his career pathway, and provided helpful tips to our students regarding career progression.

This was followed by an exclusive talk by MPI representatives Ben Matthews, Teaki Koaneti, and Robin Paratene who each introduced their area of work, especially in regards to Māori engagement, and gave an insight what it is like working for MPI.

The trip concluded with a career panel discussion joined by Mitchell Pham, Shisla MacLeod, and Campbell Gin. Panelists shared their stories and gave students insights into possible career paths. The panel was hosted by Rachel Kingi.