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  -  Spanish Language Week   -  Auckland   -  Given Words from Andalusia

For the eighth edition of Given Words for Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day we have teamed up with students of López de Arenas Secondary School in Marchena (Seville), Spain, who have made creative word videos for the competition. You just have to write a poem that includes all five of their words. The words and poems can be in English or Spanish, or a mixture of both. The Best Poem and Best Poem by Under-16s selected by poets Charles Olsen, Mikaela Nyman and Sophia Wilson will receive prizes courtesy of The Cuba Press and Massey University Press. Entry is free and open to all New Zealand citizens and residents. The deadline for sending your poem is midnight on 25 August. You can find the words, rules, and how to participate on Given Words. ¡Bienvenidos!

Open until 25 August 2023