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An image of a crowded shopping street in Shanghai China

25 July 2023

We are pleased to be able to provide a workshop exclusively for exporting businesses looking to understand best branding practices in regards to North Asia. This workshop is subsidised by us, providing exceptional value at a low cost.

Do you want to understand how to make Brand New Zealand work for you in China, Japan, and South Korea? Do you want to learn how to leverage storytelling techniques to maximise your export marketing?

In marketing ourselves to the world, New Zealand and our businesses rely heavily on strong country branding and powerful storytelling. This half-day workshop focuses on how New Zealand exporters and other organisations can maximise the New Zealand country effect in North Asian markets, leverage the New Zealand brand identity in their export marketing and use storytelling as a differentiating export marketing strategy.

Cost $45 per person (Breakfast provided)

Wednesday, 16 August 2023
8 am - 12 pm NZDT
Generator - Stanbeth House
22-28 Customs Street East
Auckland Central