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  -  Education   -  North Asia Education   -  Hyundai NZ takes our business-focused Korean programme

27 July 2023

Part of our broader work is to develop a range of accessible tools and resources to help Kiwi businesses thrive in North Asia. Last month, it successfully delivered its first business-focused Korean language training and cultural competency programme in partnership with Hyundai NZ. Held in-person at Hyundai NZ headquarters, the sessions brought together staff from different departments, who were introduced to different aspects of Korean culture as well as foundational language skills relevant to business.

Participants who attended the programme were particularly interested in improving communication with Korean counterparts and demonstrating courtesy and hospitality to Korean colleagues. Frequent travellers to Korea were also keen to build confidence in business networking and exploring the country. These considerations were taken into account in customising the programme, which included interactive Hangeul (Korean alphabet) tutorials, Korean business etiquette briefings, conversation practice sessions and food immersion!

On behalf of the group, Grant Doull, Hyundai NZ National Manager for Hydrogen and Eco Vehicles, penned an encouraging feedback and a thank you note:

We just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you for the excellent 10-week Korean language and culture program that our team just completed. It exceeded all our expectations. We weren’t sure what to expect, however it quickly became evident that we were benefiting almost immediately as we started practicing our new skills around the office and looking forward to the next session each week. The lessons were well-prepared and the integration of Korean language, culture and helpful information was excellent. We learned more than we anticipated from an introductory course. We highly recommend this program to any organization looking to develop their team’s Korean communication and intercultural skills. We’re definitely considering making it a regular program for our team. Once again, thank you for providing this excellent program. 

Showcasing the importance of linguistic and cultural knowledge in business success, we remain committed to leveraging the outcomes of this and our broader K-Hub programme in developing opportunities for enhancing engagement with Korea as a key trading partner of New Zealand.

We thank Bernice Mene and the entire Hyundai team for allowing us to partner on this initiative, as well as Dr. Jiyeon Choi of the Korean Education Centre (KEC) and the Korean Language and Learning Centre (KLCC) for her contribution to the programme.