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An image of Tokyo Japan with Mt Fujiyama in the background

We are leading an in-market experience opportunity to Tokyo, Japan. We are delighted to support six New Zealand businesses to participate in a week-long opportunity which will aid them in developing commercial connections into market, increase engagement and distribution, while also increasing branding and visibility.

Companies will visit with both New Zealand and Japanese companies, experience the retail landscape, learn about the opportunities of the Japanese market, while developing their international connections.

This visit will include participation at the JFEX 2024 International Food and Beverage Expo in Tokyo, Japan. JFEX is an event that brings together different types of food and beverages from around the globe and this programme provides a cost-effective platform for Kiwi companies to tap into the Japanese food and beverage market.

This initiative also provides a unique opportunity for the successful participants companies to take advantage of accessing an educational programme and a series of additional activities built around the event, both in New Zealand and Japan.

New Zealand companies nationwide are eligible to apply. Māori businesses in the regions are particularly encouraged to take part. Applications can be made through submission of EOI, details of which are outlined below.

EOIs close 23 April. At this point eligible businesses will be notified, and the team will discuss with the next steps for confirmation.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Company must be able to assign and send a representative to attend the entire duration of the tour starting from the pre-departure guided orientation
  • Company must have specific target of growing its business in Japanese and wider Asian markets;
  • Company must have sufficient capacity and resource to supply products to these markets, including samples/product for the tour;
  • Company must ensure its products are compliant with laws of these markets;
  • Company must be willing to undergo further pre-audit by NA CAPE

Applicants will need to include a link to a YouTube video, Vimeo or Google Drive of under 90 seconds detailing the following:

What ideas/contribution will you bring to the tour?

What are the outcomes you are hoping to achieve?

How are you hoping to give back to your community/apply what you have learned?