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  -  Business   -  LatAm Business   -  Watch: APEC Peru 2024 event

18 April 2024

Last week, we hosted an APEC Peru 2024 event at Victoria University of Wellington focused on New Zealand’s engagement with APEC and Peru’s plans for it’s APEC hosting year.

The audience were treated to an engaging panel featuring former APEC Executive Director Alan Bollard; ABAC NZ leader Stephen Jacobi; Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA)’s Shiloh Babbington and APEC Voices of the Future New Zealand alumna Shisla Carvalho Macleod. This was followed by an address by New Zealand’s Minister for Trade Todd McClay.

Many thanks also to Peruvian Ambassador Jose Emilio Bustinza for his closing remarks, and organising video addresses from three leaders of Peru’s latest APEC year: Ambassador Carlos Vasquez, ABAC’s Julia Torreblanca, and Jose Luis Castillo Luis Castillo Mezarina, General – Director of International Trade Negotiations.

Thanks to all who attended, check out the photos of the event and vibrant networking that followed the proceedings. For those who couldn’t attend, you can watch the event below in full.