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26 March 2024

We warmly invite you to a webinar about our Wayfinding webtool: a data visualisation tool exploring connections between New Zealand and Latin America.

We launched the Wayfinding tool in March 2024 with in-person events in Auckland and Wellington.   This innovative online tool maps relationships between New Zealand and Latin America across business, diplomacy, education, and society in visually compelling ways. Drawing on information from public agencies and other sources, it reveals existing links between our country and Latin America and highlights fields and places where ties are strongest

This webinar is an opportunity for businesses, organisations, and people around New Zealand that couldn’t attend the launch events, and existing users to learn about how to use the Wayfinding webtool from the developers and hear from experienced users about using Wayfinding content in their work and presentations to inspire new trade, business and people to people relationships. Joining us will be Matt Plummer, Senior Research Partner, Victoria University of Wellington; Simon Russell, Managing Director/CEO, Eagle Aviation Consulting Ltd; and Phil Grunert Collins, Latin America Market Manager, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Find out how Wayfinding can be used and create impact a variety of contexts and tell us what you might want included in future iterations of Wayfinding.

We look forward to seeing you online on 11 April.  Please do share this opportunity to participate in this webinar about the Wayfinding webtool with your networks and colleagues.

9:00 am - 10:00 am NZT
Thursday 11 April 2024