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  -  Business   -  North Asia Business   -  Meet our services sector China study tour participants
A view of The Bund in Shanghai China showing the Oriental Pearl Tower lit up at night.

We’re excited to announce the 10 Kiwi business leaders that we’re taking on a study tour to China with a focus on the diverse services sector. The aim of the study tour is to expose participants to the incredible pace, depth, and demand in China for services, and to support emerging leaders to develop their skills and relationships in-market. The tour will provide opportunities for potential collaborations, learning, and network creation.

The services sector is broad and diverse, encompassing education, tourism, as well as a range of subsectors including film and media productions, and creative and design services.

The study tour will take place from 5 – 13 August 2023, visiting Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Below is a short bio from each of the participants.

Eddie Hoskin
Owner: Lightning Tech Solutions, Strange Dog Print and Design
Founder: HeySquad

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to experience a new culture, and explore more ways to grow my businesses. I hope to gather ideas for scaling up and using technology for creative processes, and make connections with ethical quality manufacturers to bring our concepts to life.

Jamie Erin Wood
(Ngāi Tahu)
Investment Adviser and Product Owner Hobson Wealth

“I’m excited about being immersed back into Chinese culture and language, and meeting those at the forefront of helping Kiwi companies do business in China and Chinese companies do business in New Zealand. I hope to form relationships with local experts. Learn about the development of tech within the services sector in China, and how climate change is impacting the services sector in China. Bonus if possible: get an understanding of the early investment landscape for small companies (venture capital) in China.”

Jason Triwahyudi
Upper South Island Regional Coordinator
Go with Tourism

“I’m excited about personal and professional development in a country I have never been before . I’m hoping to build industry connections and collaborations, gain insights into China’s key service sector, and learn and apply the success principles.”

Jing Jing Ke 柯晶晶
Independent Film Producer
Pan-Asian Screen Collective (PAS)

“I am curious about the culture, the work methodology and the technology in China and how it differs from New Zealand, not only for the creative industry, but also for the other engagements we will have on this trip.
I would love to establish some contacts through networking and endeavour to provide opportunities and develop more potential for business between and within the two countries. Ultimately, I am here to learn, understand, and get the ball rolling.”

An image of Jing Jing Ke
An image of Leigh-Marama McLachlan

Leigh-Marama McLachlan
(Te Atihaunui-a-Paparangi)
Storyteller and Producer
Pango Productions

“I’m excited to immerse myself in another culture in a new part of the world, and learn more about storytelling, film and production in China. I am passionate about traditional cultures and would love to learn more about how Chinese culture is reflected in storytelling.”

Madeleine Hakaraia de Young
(Ngāti Kapu)
Festival Director
Māoriland Film Festival

“I’m excited to be able to connect with creatives and grow understanding of China. I hope to get a greater understanding of China, it’s creative industries and culture, for future collaborations between Aotearoa and China.”

An image of Madeleine Hakaraia de Young
An image of Natalia Wi

Natalia Wi
(Te Aupouri, Ngāti Kurī, Ngāti Pōrou)
Ako Academy & Ako Innovations

“I am most excited about experiencing another culture, learning about tech development in China, and to be able to bring the knowledge home from this experience to share with my networks. I hope to make new connections that will be beneficial to my businesses here in Aotearoa, gain a better understanding of supply chains and the global market.”

Nathalie Harrington 何晓玉
International Trade Law Specialist

“This will be my first trip to China in a long time. I know that many things will have changed in recent years so I’m excited to reconnect with the culture and get a feeling for what it’s like for Kiwi businesses engaging with Chinese consumers post-pandemic. I’m also excited about the food of course! I’m really interested to see how the digital marketing landscape has evolved and hear from Chinese businesses about their perceptions of New Zealand. I’m looking forward to learning from the other delegates and to connecting with innovative Chinese companies. I hope to build new relationships that will one day create opportunities for NZ-China collaboration.”

An image of River Price

River Price
Upper North Island Regional Coordinator
Go with Tourism

“I am very excited to be learning more about the education and tourism sector and expanding my knowledge in Chinese culture. To expand my knowledge on the relationship between New Zealand and China in the tourism and education sector as well as promoting the Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence to future emerging leaders.”

Roscoe Price Moor
Founder/Managing Director,

“I’m excited to experience Chinese culture, meet new people and learn more about the Chinese tourism sector. I’m hoping to make some valuable connections and explore opportunities for expansion of my travel app.”

An image of Roscoe Price Moor