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  -  Spanish Language Week   -  Auckland   -  #WhyISpeakSpanish

As part of Aotearoa Spanish Language Week, we want to highlight the many reasons people in Aotearoa New Zealand speak Spanish.

We’re asking Kiwis to record a video of up to 30 seconds to post on their social media channels explaining why they speak Spanish and then upload these to your social media channels from 14 August 2023. You could do this in Spanish, English, Maori or a range of all three, and with subtitles.

Plus there are great prizes to be won with vouchers to spend on the delicious range at Latino Foods.

Who to tag and hashtags

When posting your video, please tag in the LatAm CAPE both in feed posts and stories. Tagging us in Stories is the only way we can share the stories. Make sure the post is publicly available.

Our social handles are:

Instagram @latamcape

Twitter @CAPELatAm

Facebook @LatinAmericaCAPE

Please use the hashtags #ASLW and #WhyISpeakSpanish