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5 October 2021

We’re really looking forward to next week’s webinar: Working towards our sustainable and equitable future in the Asia-Pacific, which we’re hosting with our fellow CAPEs Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence and Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence. We want to introduce you to the academic who will be representing the North Asia CAPE.

Professor Chellie Spiller, from the The University of Waikato, will speak on the intercultural, human dimension of moving toward a sustainable Asia-Pacific, including drawing from indigenous wisdom, the common ground between different countries and cultures, and the need to consider social justice and equity in any solutions we develop. Professor Spiller of Ngati Kahungunu and Pakeha lineage, is based in Auckland and is a professor at the University of Waikato Management School. She has extensive corporate experience in management, tourism and marketing, holding senior executive positions in New Zealand and abroad. Professor Spiller was a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Arizona. She is a recipient of a Research Excellence Award, Dame Mira Szászy Maori Alumni Award and National Maori Academic Excellence Award. She has authored numerous books.

Join us for the ‘Working towards our sustainable and equitable future in the Asia-Pacific’ webinar, Tuesday 5 October at 4pm.

05 October 2021
4pm to 5:30pm (NZDT)
Online - Zoom link will be provided