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8 March 2024

Last week, we launched our Wayfinding tool in Wellington (Wednesday) and Auckland (Friday). You can now watch the video of the launch in Auckland where the creatives behind the tool, Joseph Michael and Tristan Gray, demonstrate the tool, and the panel discussion that followed. The panel consisted of Hon Simon Bridges (Auckland Business Chamber), Simon Russell (New Zealand Brazil Business Chamber), Giuliana Silveira (Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence), Philipp Grunert Collins (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) and Alex Dickson (Technology Investment Network).

Designed for policymakers, exporters, peak industry bodies, researchers and educators whose work could strategically benefit from being able to see the patterns in data linking the regions, Wayfinding is a data visualisation tool that provides users with an interactive and informative experience of the historic and current relationship between New Zealand and Latin America. The tool offers an intuitive user interface that allows users to navigate through a large collection of datasets and learn about economic, political, educational and demographic ties between the regions.

One of the key features of the tool is its interactive map, which provides a visual representation of the geographic connections between New Zealand and Latin America. The tool also provides users with a series of charts that illustrate various aspects of the relationship between New Zealand and each Latin American country, and allow the user to refine their search based on specific criteria. Each chart allows users to filter the data by various attributes to help them find the resources that are most relevant to their needs. These visual snapshots can then be downloaded as PNGs for use in presentations, briefings, business cases or reports.