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  -  Business   -  Southeast Asia Business   -  SEA CAPE brings ASEAN market insights to Palmerston North

15 May 2023

The Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (SEA CAPE) was in Palmerston North last week with a combo of two highly anticipated business events, drawing the attention of local entrepreneurs and international business enthusiasts.

The business seminar titled “Cultivating Ideas for Global Potential”, supported by SEA CAPE, was organised by Manawatū Young Chamber on 11 May. Attended by over 55 people, the event offered in-depth advice for start-ups on developing their business potential, with a special focus on branching into Southeast Asian markets.

Among the five speakers for the evening were Stud Bradbury, a business coach and entrepreneur, Mark Inman, Director of Blacksheepdesign, Jody Marshal from Inland Revenue Department, Gabrielle Loga, International Relations Manager from Palmerston North City Council, and SEA CAPE Director Professor Siah Hwee Ang. They covered topics such as concept validation, branding and marketing, taxes, and branching into foreign markets.

Professor Siah Hwee Ang provided valuable insights on why ASEAN markets offer some of the best opportunities for New Zealand companies and how to go about entering such markets. He also shared about ways he and the government have been aiding businesses with their expansion into Southeast Asia.

The following day, SEA CAPE presented its flagship market readiness programme in collaboration with Export New Zealand. The 3.5 hour workshop “ASEAN: The Rising Star” further emphasised the importance of Southeast Asian markets in today’s global business landscape, and was focused on enhancing participants’ understanding of the region and its growing business opportunities. It was facilitated by Professor Siah Hwee Ang and Associate Professor Fandy Tjiptono from Victoria University of Wellington. Through the workshop, the 35 participants, with many young students studying International Business at Institute of the Pacific United (IPU),gained insights on the benefits, challenges, and potential of conducting business in Southeast Asia as well as valuable knowledge on the significance of collaboration and establishing partnerships.

The two events in Palmerston North have received praise from attendees who found the sessions insightful and beneficial for their business ventures. The support and collaboration between SEA CAPE, ExportNZ, Manawatū Business Chamber, and Manawatū Young Chamber, have been instrumental in bringing these impactful events to fruition.