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An image of students rehearsing the Irisado piece of music

27 November 2021

¡Qué alegría! We’re rehearsing the Irisado composition completed during our Musicality programme in 2020 by four amazing young New Zealand composers: Michaela Cornelius, composer and sound designer; Thomas Bedggood; Jose Jugo; and Jacob Barrett. More rehearsals and then the recording day tomorrow with Hamish McKeich, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) Principal Conductor in Residence ‘in the saddle’, NZSO National Youth Orchestra and NZSO musicians and our maestro charanguista, ‘el porteño’ Fernando Figueroa.

Watch this space for glimpses of the recording process. The Irisado (‘iridescent’ in Spanish) composition was named to reflect the ever-changing nature of the piece. As well as the enchanting colours that emerge from the music as a direct influence of Latin American musical styles and traditions. Viva la música, Viva Aotearoa New Zealand, Viva América Latina!