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Market Readiness Programmes, Gisborne

21 March 2024

Over the past week, in collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington Business School (for the EMBA student cohort) and ExportNZ – Wellington/Central/Hawke’s Bay, we proudly ran our Market Readiness Programmes (MRP) in Wellington and Gisborne, designed to unlock the vast potential of Southeast Asia for Kiwi businesses.

We delved into the complexities of trading environments and navigating cultural nuances, providing key insights and strategies for businesses aiming to enter the Southeast Asian market. This initiative brought together the academic knowledge of experts and real-world experiences, specifically aimed at equipping new entrants with the tools they need for a successful launch into ASEAN markets.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank our insightful speakers, Dr. Grigorij Ljubownikow and Associate Professor Thu Phuong Truong, and all participants who joined us to share their experiences, and contribute to the vibrant discussions. Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and connect are what make our programmes a great success!

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