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An image of Tokyo Japan with Mt Fujiyama in the background

2 November 2021

Japan is New Zealand’s fifth-biggest trading partner. Fruit, dairy and aluminium currently top the list of New Zealand’s exports, while tourism and education were also strong contributors before Covid-19.

We’re pleased to be able to provide the opportunity for you to attend a three hour in-depth and interactive online workshop. The workshop will feature business cases, insights from industry experts, latest market research and best-of-breed tools to create better value for consumers in the Japan market.

Workshops are facilitated by Dr Antje Fiedler and Dr Ben Fath of the The University of Auckland, with contributions from in-market guest speaker, Tony Boot, Director at BTM Marketing Ltd.

02 November 2021
9am - 12am (NZDT)
Online - Zoom link will be sent out after registration