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13 April 2021

In 2020, the Latin America CAPE produced a series of videos in partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to help New Zealand businesses find success in Latin America. Hear from five New Zealand businesses on their experience of operating in Latin America and learn top tips for getting started in the region.

You can watch the videos here.

Discover why Latin America is a game-changer for business success.

We have revisited these conversations and will soon launch eight new episodes exploring some of the reoccurring business themes we uncovered.

We spoke with A-Ward, Fingermark, Maxiloda, Rascal + Friends and QCONZ and by sharing their experiences we aim to:

• develop Kiwi businesses market awareness of Latin America
• offer insights into how to do business successfully in Latin America
• share the insight and knowledge of Kiwi businesspeople currently operating in Latin America with the business community, to enhance business capability and awareness of the region
• motivate Kiwi companies to scope Latin American markets as they re-evaluate their export strategies.
• prepare Kiwis to do business in the region.