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  -  Business   -  North Asia Business   -  Coming to Queenstown: Welcome to the Digital Economies of China, Japan and South Korea Workshop
An image of a crowded shopping street in Shanghai China

14 Sep 2023

Understand the potential of the thriving North Asian market with this 3-hour workshop facilitated by two experts on the region.

North Asia CAPE is bringing its highly regarded Welcome to the Digital Economies workshop to Queenstown. This session is for businesses and brands looking to grow their confidence and knowledge of the digital economies of China, Japan and South Korea. You will learn how to improve your digital expertise and communications to tap into the world’s fastest-growing and most digitally savvy marketplace.

Leading the workshop are Dr Benjamin Fath and Dr Antje Fiedler, senior lecturers at the University of Auckland’s Business School. Their combined knowledge, real-world expertise and cultural understanding of North Asia will give you strategies to gain a competitive edge when accessing this vast market. The workshop format will also provide plenty of opportunities for participants to interact and share experiences.

Who is the event for:

Tourism businesses, exporters, and any businesses exploring growth opportunities.

What you can expect:

  • Explore the digital landscape of China, Japan and South Korea and ways to bridge the cultural gap, raise profile and foster trust across digital channels.
  • Discover emerging trends and practical tools to reach new customers.
  • Learn effective digital communications and why trust and personal relationships are fundamental to doing business in North Asia.
  • Look at Kiwi success stories and how they have harnessed the power of digital to tap into the thriving North Asian market.
Tuesday, 31 Oct 2023
10 am - 1:30 pm NZDT
Queenstown Resort College (QRC)
7 Coronation Drive