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22 February 2024

This year’s BizVenture Japan study tour was held in Tokyo, Japan hosted by the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence and facilitated by Young Enterprise Trust based in Wellington. The tour featured Young Enterprise students from various regions in Aotearoa, all of whom successfully completed the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme Programme 2024.

Over the course of five days in Tokyo, participants delved into business language training, embarked on insightful business visits, and immersed themselves in cultural activities. These all prepared them for tackling a business challenge at the end of the tour.

Collaborating directly with the Support Our Kids organisation and selected Japanese peers, teams were tasked with presenting business solutions aligned with one of three SDGs (SDG 1. No Poverty, SDG3. Wellbeing, and SDG 5. Gender Equality). The winning team comprised of Ella Parker from Kerikeri High School, Kojiro Asano from Miyagi Prefecture, and Mio Horie from Fukushima Prefecture. The winning team ‘Enlightenment’, aim to coordinate and run short, informative, and engaging presentations about mental health and related wellbeing issues to students in Japan thereby raising awareness, reducing stigma, and spark positive conversations helping improve overall mental health levels in Japan.

The study tour not only provided in-depth exposure to both New Zealand and Japanese businesses in Tokyo, but also immersed students in daily Japanese business language, fostering highly interactive cultural experiences. Bilateral collaboration with Japanese peers further exposed participants to unique Japanese business approaches and amplified their entrepreneurial talents.

As part of the tour Young Enterprise students visited the New Zealand embassy. There, they had the benefit to hear from the New Zealand Trade Commissioner, Kylie Archer and other embassy staff regarding the NZ-Japan relationship, indigenous exchanges, and NZ businesses in Japan.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our collaborators, without whom these trips would not be possible: Young Enterprise Trust, New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo, Support Our Kids, and MAD International.