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12 November 2021
To help businesses understand the issues they need to consider when looking at new markets in the Asia-Pacific, the CAPEs are launching a series of dialogues between exporters, academics, and trade experts.

The first event in this series will focus on the opportunities and challenges of market diversification. Why and how are exporters diversifying their markets? Has COVID-19 accelerated or delayed this process? To what extent is it a response to changes in international relations? What is the role of innovative trade agreements in helping businesses spread their risks? Are there untapped opportunities for New Zealand businesses to insert themselves into evolving regional supply chains?

Join us at the National Library in Wellington or online as a great line-up of speakers answer these questions and explore how we can learn from each other as we venture into unfamiliar trading territory.

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Networking to follow
Thursday 25 November
National Library
Molesworth Street