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  -  Education   -  LatAm Education   -  2023 Te Ara Tipu: October Auckland trip

25 October 2023

For the last Te Ara Tipu cross-CAPE session in 2023 our members travelled to Auckland to reconnect and wrap up the year. They participated in a career workshop facilitated by Suki Xiao, took part in a team building activity, and heard from Nathan Rahui and Nathalie Harrington about their recent experiences in the CAPE regions.

On day 1, Career and Leadership Coach Suki Xiao went through the essentials for crafting a career vision using the principles of Ikigai – combining ones passion with individual strengths and finding a niche in the job market. Students came out of the workshop feeling much more certain about their values and career direction.

On day 2, students were joined by Nathan Rahui and Nathalie Harrington who talked about their recent experiences travelling to the CAPE regions. Nathalie had visited China on the North Asia Study Tour in August and shared her wealth of knowledge about the region with students. Nathan reported on his trips to Colombia, Malaysia, and Taiwan, meeting the regions’ respective indigenous people, and representing Māori on the global stage. The speakers’ universal advice for those interested in any of these regions was to invest time in building genuine relationships.

Students also had plenty of time to deepen their connections over kai and through team-building activities.

We wish our Te Ara Tipu whānau a great summer, and look forward to sharing more enriching experiences in 2024!