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  -  Business   -  Southeast Asia Business   -  Asia Forum: NZ Trade Strategy – Navigating Our Way Through More Turbulent International Waters

25 October 2023

On Wednesday 25th October, in partnership with Asia Forum, SEA CAPE hosted a discussion panel on the future of New Zealand’s trade in an increasingly contested international sphere, with the Emeritus Professor Tim Groser and moderated by Professor Gary R. Hawke.

With an overview of economic history, Emeritus Professor Tim Groser provided a foundation for understanding how the economic dynamics of the world have shifted, and how they have led us to the present day. Key themes that were touched on surrounded the rise of anti-globalisation and the modern trend towards protectionism and domestic challenges.

The discussion continued with audience engagement, where Tim gave his insights into the future and utility of mechanisms such as the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. How New Zealand treads in relation to these new proposals has the potential to shape its balance of relations moving forward.

Despite the sense that foreign policy is a ‘minority interest’, Tim, Gary, and the participants alike concurred that the continuation of discussions such as these is integral for the future of New Zealand and its global position. We extend our greatest thanks to Emeritus Professor Tim Groser and Professor Gary R. Hawke for their time. The session was deeply insightful and laid the groundwork for further discussion about how New Zealand should navigate changing global dynamics.