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22 June 2023

On Wednesday, 21 June, we were delighted to have Steve Jones, New Zealand Trade and Enerprise Regional Director, and the trade commissioners in Mexico (Rhianon Berry), Colombia (Elvira Martinez), Brazil (Jacqueline Nakamura), and Chile (Sara Reyes) as well as Philipp Grunert Collins, NZTE Market Manager for Latin America in New Zealand as our guest speakers for our sixth Diversifying Into Latin America (DILA) webinar ‘Latin America: Overview and trends’.

Following Steve’s general introduction to the region, each trade commissioner shared an overview of their country’s main points to consider as an export market such as: population size, inflation, free-trade agreements, and upcoming elections. They also highlighted what “is working” in each region for Kiwi businesses to evaluate and consider.

After last year’s DILA Programme, this webinar was a timely update on a region that has had significant political and economic changes in the last year, and also a fantastic opportunity to ask questions about doing business in Latin America directly with the experts in the region.

If you are interested in more details about this presentation, these slides will provide more information.