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  -  Business   -  North Asia Business   -  Tech & Innovation workshop in partnership with TIN successfully concludes

10 November 2022

In October we wrapped up the final workshop (of three) on Innovation Strategies and IP protection in North Asia, in collaboration with Technology Investment Network (TIN) and Bank of New Zealand. The facilitators were our long time collaborators, Dr Antje Fiedler and Dr Ben Fath of the University of Auckland Business School.

Our final guest speaker was AFT Pharmaceuticals co-founder Dr Hartley Atkinson. Hartley shared AFT’s journey in North Asian markets, their IP protection learnings, and most importantly, the benefits of a positive mindset to keep your business thriving in challenging economic times.

The workshop series ran from August to October, with one held per month and each featuring a guest speaker from industry. In August we had ADInstruments CEO Alex Black, and we had Andrew Davey from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in September. The workshop series focused on sharing research-informed insights, tools, and best practices to help firms understand key success factors in North Asia. The workshops were highly interactive and designed to give participants a chance to gain and share insights on the tech and innovation sectors across Japan, Korea, and China.

One participant had this to say:

“The event was excellent – good mix of people attending (industries, age, ethnicity, gender), and the University and industry experts delivered lots of relevant content and engaged everyone, despite the brief nature of the event.”