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2 May 2024

Last month, we partnered with the Green School New Zealand in Taranaki to present our latest in the 2024 series of Step up to the World|Tū māia ki te Ao: Beyond COP21, a symposium aimed at fostering global environmental sustainability and climate.

The two days were packed with interactive activities and guest speakers. Day one was for Green School only and on day two 180 ako were welcomed from schools and kura in the region for the Beyond COP21 symposium.

The UN Climate Conference of Parties held in Paris in 2015 (COP21) represented a shift in thinking between nations, that nations must look beyond their borders and recognise the planetary interest. At the conclusion of that conference, President Hollande said “What brings us together is the planet itself”. In line with this sentiment, Beyond COP21 brought together key stakeholders, including ako, environmental experts, and policymakers, to engage in meaningful dialogues, share innovative practices, and collaboratively work towards actionable solutions for climate change and sustainability challenges.

The campus was abuzz with hands on learning and engagement. The kina shaped learning pods and garden workspaces lent themselves to connecting as responsible global citizens. Pip, Sharleen, Loren, and Libby flew the flag for the CAPEs, with workshops and a keynote speech. In Aotearoa Explorers, ako created their own avatars to explore the Asia-Pacific region and The Infinite Game engaged players in learning how to live well together. CAPEs’ Education Director Libby Giles’s keynote connected the symposium and the Green School kaupapa to global citizenship education and the three big ideas that underpin the CAPEs framework for its implementation: Tuakiritanga, hononga, and kaitiakitanga.

The Step up to the World|Tū māia ki te Ao 2024 series continues with Learning languages – the heart of global citizenship in Wellington on 21 May as part of Aotearoa Spanish Language Week and a regionally focused forum in Christchurch on 13 June featuring special guests the Polynesian Panther Party Legacy Trust presenting ‘Our Living Room’.