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Resources – Southeast Asia

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This is a collection of various resources produced by the Southeast Asia CAPE or our partners, including downloadable files, links, and videos. The resources are categorised into three sections: business, education, and culture.

Business resources

Business Opportunities Between Māori & Thailand’s Bio-Circular-Green Economy
The Seaweed Opportunity – High value-added and customised food products in Singapore
New herbal health drinks – Opportunity in Singapore using traditional rākau
rongoā plants.
Are insects the future of food for Singapore?
Blockchain – An Opportunity for New Zealand in the Food and Beverage sector in Singapore
Exporting Pekepeke-kiore products to the Singapore market
Promoting Food Security in Singapore – The Opportunity for New Zealand Horticulture
The Opportunity for Lab Grown Meat in Singapore
NZ patient data management systems in Malaysia – Healthcare Technology
Kawakawa Tea – A new health product for Singapore
2nd Life – A social enterprise for reducing food waste in Indonesia
Singapore as a hub – A model for New Zealand businesses entering ASEAN markets
Last Mile Delivery in Vietnam – Cold Chain Logistics
The Perfect Blend – Thai Coffee and Kiwi Expertise
Waste Print: Let’s Talk Trash – Waste Auditing and Management in Singapore
Kiwi Classroom – Online English Language Tuition in Thailand
Inspire Group: Inspiring Asia with a Unique Approach
Augen Software Group: Building a Kiwi Tech Company in Vietnam
Beca: The Challenges of Establishing an Enduring Reputation in Indonesia
Delta Insurance Group: Innovation and Technology Solutions
Global Safewear: Manufacturing in Vietnam



CAPEs resources

Each CAPE has produced their own resources tailored to their regions. Click below to see what resources are available. These include downloadable files, case studies, links, and videos. The resources are separated into three broad themes: business, education, and culture.

Resources Selections

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