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23 March, 2023

North Asia CAPE working together with academics and the export business community will deliver a number of the workshops below across New Zealand in 2023.

Who’s it for?

  • New Zealand exporters of goods and services to China, Japan, and South Korea
  • Marketing/brand managers of New Zealand brands for North Asia markets
  • New Zealand businesses considering doing business with North Asia
  • Team leaders who manage culturally diverse teams
  • Tertiary students seeking a career in export marketing

Theme-focused workshops

1. Welcome to the digital economies of China, Japan, and South Korea

Have you ever wondered how to better use digital technologies to navigate North Asian markets? In our fast paced workshop, we will explore how to engage with customers and business partners in the three main markets of the region.

We will focus on:

  • learning from in-market competition
  • the need for speed and focus in reaching digitally savvy markets
  • building trust in the digital world

2. Branding New Zealand in North Asian markets

The New Zealand nation brand is a powerful platform for promoting New Zealand products and services in the North Asian markets of China, Japan, and South Korea. This hands-on workshop will provide key insights and practical tools for marketing through storytelling, one which goes beyond the “100% Pure New Zealand” narrative.

3. “Luxurifying” brands in North Asian Markets

Over the last few decades, North Asia has emerged as the fastest-growing market for luxury goods and services worldwide. This workshop will help you start thinking how to position your products, services, and brands as more premium and luxurious in the eyes of Asian consumers.

4. Diverse workplaces: managing teams in, and with, North Asia

This two-hour session is targeted at managers who lead diverse teams – within New Zealand, and also those with team members based in North Asia, including export and sales managers as well as people and capability leads. Learn engagement tips, and hear from business leaders who have successfully built diverse teams and stakeholder networks.

5. Tech business workshop 

Targeted at Kiwi tech companies, this workshop will draw on lessons from other firms’ successes and failures to focus your attention on what matters most for succeeding in the region. It offers evidence-based tips and tools you can apply to your business to thrive in the innovation race, which increasingly involves partnering and competing with local players.

Registration now open:

Wellington 24th May

Christchurch 26th July

Dunedin 9th August

Hamilton TBC

Country-focused workshops

Keeping pace in China’s accelerated market

This workshop lays out principles and practices that help businesses master the rapidly-developing Chinese market. It will cover topics such as: micro-segmentation, ‘hyper’-personalisation, and sensing consumer trends in China.

Thriving in South Korea’s experience-based economy

Take a deep dive into experience-based consumer markets, exemplified by the South Korean market. We provide fresh perspectives on how NZ businesses can create stand-out experiences in this trend-setting market.

Growing in Japan’s quality-conscious market

Explore ways for your businesses to convince customers in highly-established markets such as Japan to appreciate your NZ-developed products and solutions.

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