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  -  Business   -  North Asia Business   -  Partnership with KEC strengthened through MOU renewal

13 March 2023

Charlie Gao, Director of NA CAPE ​​​and Hyoung Shik Park​, Director of the Korean Education Centre (KEC)​ signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen the collaboration ​between the two organisations in promoting educational and cultural exchanges between Aotearoa and South Korea.

Since 2019, the MOU has allowed the two organisations to jointly support the offering of Korean language classes and cultural events in schools​ nationwide. Last year, the two organisations worked closely in setting up ​our K-Hub​ that provides Korean learning opportunities to over 100 students and professionals across Ōtara, central Auckland, and Albany. ​

On behalf of the Ministry of Education of South Korea, Director Hyoung Shik Park extended its ​gratitude to the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence for​ supporting the offering of Korean in 14 schools in the year 2022, benefiting 2595 students. ​Director Charlie Gao, on the other hand, reconfirmed our support for various Korean initiatives for New Zealand schools and communities.

The ceremony was hosted by the North Asia CAPE on 8 March 2023 and attended by staff of both organisations.

Charlie Gao, Director of NA CAPE and Hyoung Shik Park, Director of the Korean Education Centre (KEC)