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7 June 2023


NZ Inc’s ASEAN strategy is an important aspect of New Zealand’s approach to international affairs and trade. The Southeast Asian economic community is increasingly important to New Zealand, and the country is taking steps to engage with the region.

On June 7, at CAPE’s pre-conference event, a Market Readiness workshop was held by the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence as a prelude to the NZIIA 2023 conference on “International Solutions: Aotearoa New Zealand’s Place in Troubled World” scheduled for June 8. Dr Grigorij Ljubownikow from The University of Auckland Business School facilitated the workshop, which provided an introduction to the ASEAN markets and their potential for New Zealand businesses.

12 students from across Aotearoa were supported by SEA CAPE to attend the 2-hour customised workshop, which focused on the burgeoning ASEAN markets. The workshop provided students with an opportunity to tap into the vast academic knowledge of the facilitator and gain insights into the exciting prospects, advantages, and challenges of conducting business in this region.