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10 February 2023

Trans-Pacific views on current developments

NB: We have reached capacity for in-person attendees but now have a virtual option for the Wellington session via Zoom. If you register for this option, a Zoom link will be sent to you before the session starts. We also have the option to wait-list for both Auckland and Wellington on the registration form.

2023 will be a significant year for the CPTPP as New Zealand hosts a major gathering of its members. Currently, however, the involvement and interest of Latin American nations in this grouping and other innovative trade arrangements that unlock new business opportunities across the Pacific is not widely known in our country.

The Latin America CAPE is therefore hosting two events to highlight how trade agreements connect New Zealand, Latin American, and Asia-Pacific economies and to explore the prospects for these agreements in 2023.

Each event will begin with New Zealand or Latin American experts showing how and why our nations have come to work together on trade policy. Then, after they have set this scene, Dr Deborah Elms, a leading authority on Asia-Pacific trade will offer a view from beyond these societies on the current opportunities Latin American nations have to shape the current rules and flows of trans-Pacific trade.

(in association with the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs)

Date: Monday 27 February 2023
Time: 5:15 – 6:45pm
Venue: Room 2.07 Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington
33 Bunny Street – this room has changed from previously advertised

(in association with the Latin America New Zealand Business Council)

Date: Tuesday 28 February 2023
Time: 5:15 – 6:45pm
Venue: Room 1.15, Level 1, Fonterra, 109 Fanshaw St, Auckland


  • Dr Deborah Elms, Founder and Executive Director of the Asian Trade Centre in Singapore (both cities, Zoom)
  • Hon Tim Groser, former Trade Minister and Ambassador to the US and the WTO (Wellington, Zoom)
  • John Ballingall, Sense Partners (Wellington, Zoom)
  • Professor Warwick Murray, Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington, Zoom)
  • Dr Matt Raskovic, AUT (Auckland)
  • Jorge Sahd, Director, Catholic University of Chile (Auckland)
  • Stephanie Honey, APEC Business Advisory Council New Zealand (Auckland)
  • Felipe Rojas, Fonterra (Auckland)
Mon 27 Feb 2023 (WLG, Zoom)
Tues 28 Feb 2023 (AKL)
5:15 pm – 6:45 pm NZDT
Victoria University, Wellington
Fonterra, Auckland