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  -  Business   -  Southeast Asia Business   -  Highlights from Market Readiness Programme (Indonesia) in Hawke’s Bay

30 May 2023

At the end of May, a collaborative effort between ExportNZ and Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (SEA CAPE) brought our Market Readiness Programme (MRP) Indonesia to Hawke’s Bay. Participants from diverse industries, including Rockit Global, Food Display Cabinets, and Integrow, came together for this transformative event.

This intensive 3.5-hour workshop centered around the burgeoning markets of Indonesia, providing attendees with a platform to tap into the extensive academic knowledge of our facilitators. Moreover, they had the invaluable opportunity to learn from experienced Kiwi exporters, gaining insights into the exciting prospects, advantages, and challenges of conducting business in this region. The workshop also emphasised the significance of effective collaboration and forging strategic local partnerships.

Participants found the session to be both enlightening and thought-provoking. It served as an ideal platform for fostering cross-cultural understanding and nurturing a global mindset. They eagerly anticipated future workshops to be held in the sunny Hawke’s Bay, recognising the value of continuing their growth and exploration in this dynamic field.