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11 August 2022

On 4 August, the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (North Asia CAPE) together with the New Zealand China Council, New Zealand China Trade Association Young Associates and the Asia New Zealand Foundation co-hosted an event called ‘Future Taniwha: Opportunities for NZ’s emerging leaders to engage on China’ at Fonterra’s corporate centre in Auckland. More than 90 young professionals and senior university students attended the event.

Former Prime Minister the Rt Hon Sir John Key spoke at the event and shared his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges facing the future of this important bilateral relationship.
In the panel discussion led by North Asia CAPE’s director Charlie Gao, four representatives from the co-hosting organisations introduced career development opportunities in the New Zealand-China area and shared their thoughts on how young people fit into New Zealand’s future engagement with China.

Some of the participants from North Asia CAPE’s Te Ara Tipu and Winds of Change programme also had the chance to connect in person. The event provided a great opportunity for emerging leaders from across the organisations to connect with each other and better understand opportunities to support New Zealand’s engagement.