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  -  Business   -  Southeast Asia Business   -  Export Insights 2023: Future ready? Trading in an uncertain world
Ian Taylor

On 9 November, at Craggy Range Winery, SEA CAPE, in partnership with ExportNZ and ASB, hosted the Export Insights event “Preparing for the Future: Trading in an Uncertain World.” In a well-attended audience, participants had the opportunity to hear from Stephen Jacobi, Nick Tuffley, and Tony Martin on the trajectory and future of the trade landscape. Hal Josephson explored the growing presence of artificial intelligence, providing excellent insights on how to harness its business potential. Hal also highlighted where we find ourselves unique in AI, being in a pre-regulatory and exciting development position.


In a true representation of the Kiwi entrepreneurial spirit, Sir Ian Taylor demonstrated his ‘Don’t see why not!’ philosophy and emphasized the importance of adaptability, innovative leadership, and a strong ‘why’ as the most crucial mechanisms for success in changing times. This event was a distinct reflection of the potential and success of New Zealand exporters, and the beautiful Hawke’s Bay provided stunning wine and weather for networking.