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29 May 2024

On Thursday the 23rd May, we had the honour of co-hosting a public seminar featuring the National Bureau of Asia Research, in conjunction with our partner Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law (NZCIEL).

Maureen Hinman, Co-Founder and Chairman of Silverado Policy Accelerator addressed geopolitical challenges in trade, environmental law and policy. Nigel Cory, Associate Director of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, focused on digital and high-tech trade and how they each relate to innovation and the broader digital economy.

While a bilateral free trade agreement between the USA and NZ is not on the political agenda in the USA, SEA CAPE Director, Professor Siah Hwee Ang commented that “There are other ways to engage – such as the Indo-Pacific Economic Forum, (in particular around sustainability and the environment), and digital trade space(s) to which NZ and USA can share common objectives moving forward.”
These exciting conversations will help progress businesses (in particular SMEs), despite all the geopolitics evident in recent times.

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