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Cultural awareness workshops

An image of a workshop in Queenstown

Workshop 1:
Managing cultural conflicts

This workshop will introduce cultural awareness as an essential competency for the tourism industry. Cultural awareness will be discussed as an element that significantly contributes to the success of businesses, particularly in the tourism and hospitality industry. The workshop will focus on proactively identifying areas of potential cultural conflicts and developing strategies to mitigate/avoid them.

Workshop 2:
Understanding cultural profiles

This workshop will address the importance of understanding the cultural profiles of tourists. The focus will be on how understanding visitors’ cultural backgrounds helps tourism businesses align their products and services to meet the needs of their visitors. The workshop will also highlight the different cultural profiles that exist within Aotearoa New Zealand’s domestic market.

Workshop 3:
Service delivery and expectations

This workshop discusses the concept of ’Kiwi hospitality’, how this is offered within tourism and hospitality services, and whether international tourists actively seek Kiwi hospitality. The workshop will also discuss the significance of international employees implementing Kiwi hospitality in service delivery, and identify strategies for international employees to incorporate this concept in service delivery.

Workshop 4:
Muslim guests

This workshop focuses on Muslim guests and discusses the nuances in culture, behaviour, and expectations within this diverse visitor group. The workshop aims to demonstrate that understanding the diversity amongst Muslims enables businesses to better meet the needs of Muslim guests, to effectively attract and cater for them.

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