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Cultural Insights – North Asia

First impressions about New Zealand
Cultural differences between New Zealand and North Asians
Thing to improve to accommodate North Asians

Your first Impressions about New Zealand

Like culture shock because you know it’s totally different culture. Everybody smiles on the street. Like you know, we can see this is the beautiful country. People very very friendly.

I am to my wife to New Zealand for honeymoon and is romantic and is fantastic.

Totally like a strange country to me and lots of different things like driving.

People here friendly as much as Japanese people do.

I couldn’t understand English at all because I found New Zealand accent is different from what we have learnt in Japan. New Zealand people speak very quickly. Yeah, so sometimes very harder to catch.

What about cultural differences?

Lots of different things like driving. If people like the flash you with the things probably in China its meaning like oh you need to be like slowing down, you know. But here it’s like oh maybe there’s like cops at the front.

You need to like slowing down. If you turn the blinkers meaning likes for thank you. Yeah, like we don’t do that in China.

It’s everything is slow. It’s like very enjoyable. You can just enjoy your life. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy your, you know like a meeting. That’s great.

I found Japan is more conservative. New Zealand is more like a sort of like outgoing more open for everything.

We kind of shy like you know, but the most of people here that come up to me and do you need some help?

They don’t know about the English. Maybe the language is not good enough, but they want to travel in New Zealand.

One thing to improve upon?

Yes, like, you know Chinese signs, you know like in Chinese characters. That would be great for who cannot speak English. That would be great I think.

Yes if you said ‘konnichiwa’ ‘arigato’ yeah, it make us very happy.

Just try to be patient and listen to what customer wants the customer needs. I mean we are all like human being like we all need the same things. We need to be like cared like someone I feel like someone care about you.

For example like when you explain to them and did you understand even though they didn’t understand. They didn’t say anything? They pretended they understood. So if you write it down on the paper and they will know once they pick up the words and look up a dictionary. They will understand what we are saying about.

For thank you New Zealand and thank you for everyone. I would like to tell this is about love like the small hearts, right? It’s tough in Taiwan. Yes. Thank you for everyone

Cultural Insights – North Asia