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  -  Spanish Language Week   -  Auckland   -  ASLW colouring-in designs

We know that colouring-in isn’t just for kids, so as part of Aotearoa Spanish Language Week, why not have a go at colouring in three of Latin America’s most iconic animals?

We have three designs featuring a folivora (sloth), jaguar, and tucán (toucan). The folivora is best for young children, with the tucán being the most complex.

We’d love to see your coloured in masterpieces, so post them to your socials and tag us in both your feed posts and stories. Tagging us in Stories is the only way we can share the stories. Make sure the post is publicly available.

Our social handles are:

Instagram @latamcape

Twitter @CAPELatAm

Facebook @LatinAmericaCAPE

Please use the hashtags #ASLW