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  -  Education   -  LatAm Education   -  Te Ara Tipu 2023 kicks off!

27 April 2023

This month, we were delighted to welcome new members to our Te Ara Tipu 2023 cohort, as well as reconnect with last year’s members. The welcome session provided a day for students to get to know one another, gain a good understanding of the Te Ara Tipu programme, and learn about our three regions: Latin America, Southeast Asia, and North Asia CAPE.

Te Ara Tipu means ‘Path of Growth’ in te reo Māori, and is our professional development programme for tertiary students from around Aotearoa.

Students heard from economist Shamubeel Eaqub on his career journey, views on the New Zealand economy, and opportunities for New Zealanders in the Asia-Pacific. Later, they connected with each other, sharing their background and experiences in our different regions on selected topics.

In the evening students participated in a highly interactive, themed MasterChef challenge. In separate teams, students worked together to produce a winning delicious dishes from Latin America, Southeast Asia, or and North Asia.

We wish new and existing members all the very best on their individual paths of growth in the months ahead. Keep an eye on this space for more updates soon.