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October 27 2021

This year’s ABA Conference explores how New Zealand and ASEAN businesses can emerge from the events of the past two years bigger, stronger and more resilient than ever by making the most of the ASEAN region and beyond. Our speakers from New Zealand and across ASEAN will also discuss what initiatives have been successful in supporting businesses across the region, but also what more could happen at a practical level to grow and develop business on the ground.

Session 1 – Trade Policies and Practices to Strengthen Recovery

This session looks at trade policies used by various ASEAN governments during the past year, as well as practical business solutions: what’s worked – and what hasn’t? What else needs to happen to move the combined economy of the ASEAN PLUS region forward

Vangelis Vitalis – Deputy Secretary, Trade and Economic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Campbell Wilson – Chief Executive Officer, Scoot
Sirma Karapeeva – Chief Executive Officer, Meat Industry Association
Justine Arroll – Trade Strategy Manager, Fonterra Cooperative Group

4 pm - 6 pm (GMT+13)
27 October 2021
Session 2 – Pursuing Innovation in a Digitally Diverse World

This session looks at the diverse digital aspect coming out of COVID. Businesses that have used technology to help them thrive amongst COVID. How can technology go one step further and work to open up the travel and tourism industry, too?

Tod Masters – Head of Technology Delivery and Process Improvement, Ascend Corporation
Sharmin Reehman – Head of Business Development, TECH NZTE
Khor Swee Keng – Chariman, ASEAN-BAC Healthcare WG
Brooke Roberts – Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Director Sharesies

4 pm - 6 pm (GMT+13)
3 November 2021