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An image of the Merlion in Singapore

Guidelines for your TMIP pitch and video

The pitch

In no more than 750 words, pitch a business opportunity for a New Zealand Food and Beverage business OR entrepreneur in Singapore. 

Restrict your pitch to one of the following industries: agriculture, technology and innovation, food and beverage, social enterprise, e-commerce or sustainability. Make sure you explain:

  • Why you have chosen that industry for the Singapore market.
  • How will learning from Government agencies and New Zealand businesses operating in the region help to support your idea

The video

Create a 90 – 120 second video in which you tell us: 

  • Why you are interested in the Singapore market and the Tertiary Market Immersion Programme 
  • What you hope to achieve by taking part in this programme.
  • Why you should be selected for this programme

Submit your video to YouTube (you’ll need to create a channel if you don’t already have one) and copy the link into your application.  

  • Label the file using your full name 
  • Follow the YouTube instructions for uploading a video  
  • Privacy settings: When you upload a video, it’s set as a ‘Public’ video by default. This means that anybody can view it. Therefore, you need to change your privacy settings to ‘Unlisted’ before you upload your video  

If you have questions about the pitch or the video, email [email protected]

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