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An image of tango dancers in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina Aotearoa Spanish Language Week
14-20 August 2023

Aotearoa Spanish Language Week is an opportunity to celebrate the Spanish language in Aotearoa New Zealand and encourage more Kiwis to learn this global language of more than 500 million speakers

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14-20 August 2023

Aotearoa Spanish Language Week is organised by the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (LatAm CAPE) who are committed to bringing Aotearoa New Zealand closer to Latin America and to raising New Zealanders’ awareness of this diverse and dynamic region. Spanish is the primary language of 20 countries and over 400 million people in Latin America – an important and fast growing trading region for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Follow our social channels to be kept up-to-date with Aotearoa Spanish Language Week activities happening near you. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #ASLW

Aotearoa Spanish Language Week 2023 news and events

More events for Aotearoa Spanish Language Week will be added regularly so check back for more

Want to organise an event for Aotearoa Spanish Language Week? 

We want to promote events all around the country for Aotearoa Spanish Language Week 2023.

Drop us a line with the details of your event and we’ll be in touch. We’ll also provide you with a copy of the Aotearoa Spanish Language Week logo to use on your marketing collateral.

It doesn’t have to be a new event, it could be a regular event that you run with a Spanish-language or Latin American theme.

We've created resources you can download to help you celebrate Aotearoa Spanish Language Week 2023.

Teacher resources: Latin American Cultures and Languages in the Classroom

Latin American Cultures and Languages in the Classroom brings together expertise and knowledge from Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Auckland Waipapa Taumata Rau, and schools across Wellington and Auckland. The project placed advanced languages and cultures students from Te Herenga Waka and the University of Auckland as Language and Culture Assistants, to support teachers in bringing Spanish language and Latin American cultures into their classrooms.

The resources introduced here were developed collaboratively by the Language and Culture Assistants, classroom teachers and language and education experts from both universities.

These resources were designed to be used flexibly by teachers in different situations ranging from those with emerging language teaching programmes and variable levels of knowledge of Spanish language (for example in primary or intermediate schools) as well as by teachers of Spanish in secondary schools working with beginner learners of the language.

Each resource explores an aspect of Latin American culture (in particular in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina) used in connection with particular language topics. The intent of the resources is to promote intercultural learning by fostering reflection by the learners and establishing pertinent connections with New Zealand and beyond.

Toitoi journal

In 2020 Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue journals were delivered to every school and public library in New Zealand featuring stories in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The project is part of the Latin America CAPEs education offerings which aim to inspire New Zealanders to gain understanding of the countries of Latin America and to help parents, teachers and students gain global competence with a focus on that region.

You can download Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue apps for Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft or visit the online journal.

Quizzes (in Powerpoint format)

Try these quizzes with yourself, your friends, or your students to see what you already know about Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world.

They’re in Powerpoint format, with a PDF featuring all five quizzes and answers below.

Latin America resources

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