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ASEAN’s importance as a market is growing. It is now New Zealand’s fourth largest trading partner. In 2020, despite Covid-19 disruptions, New Zealand’s exports to the region were valued at $7.7bn NZD. In particular, the markets of Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam remained strong throughout 2020, while Indonesia,  the Philippines and Thailand all offer opportunities for future growth. The food and agriculture sector remains our leading export product category, while services such as logistics and other digital industries are fast growing in the area.

As one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies, Vietnam is dynamic and bursting with potential. Despite Covid 19, Vietnam GDP growth in 2020 reached 2.9% (one of the few economies with positive growth in 2020), and it is projected to maintain at 6.5% in 2021 (IMF 2021). Vietnam also ranks 12th out of 66 emerging markets in terms of its financial strength.

Beyond the attractive economic statistics, Vietnam also presents various opportunities due to its manufacturing capacity and skillsets, strategic location being next to China, strengthening institutional and regulatory framework that encourages foreign participation and protection of intellectual property, a large consumer market of more than 97 million with median age of 32.

The SEA CAPE ‘Let’s Talk Vietnam’ seminars and webinars are the perfect introductory course for Kiwi entrepreneurs, founders, business managers and anyone wanting to explore the economy, diverse culture and ways of doing business in Vietnam.

The importance of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a market is growing. It is now New Zealand’s fourth largest trading partner. The SEA CAPE ‘Let’s Talk ASEAN: Digital & Creative Industries’ is the perfect introductory seminar/session for Kiwi entrepreneurs, founders and business managers involved in the digital and creative industries and anyone wanting to explore the diverse cultures, economies, and ways of doing business in Southeast Asia.

The large population of 650 million in the Southeast Asia region presents significant opportunities in the food and agriculture sectors. With consumer spending in the food & non-alcoholic beverages segment projected to reach US$572 billion in 2021 and growth projected to reach US$760 billion by 2025  (growth of 7.4%), New Zealand can potentially stake a bigger claim of the value chain and the end-market.

In this “Let’s Talk ASEAN – Food & Agriculture” session, the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence will provide an overview of the market potential for New Zealand Food & Agriculture, cultural insights in the region, and potential avenues of New Zealand’s involvement.