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Diversifying into Latin America

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We’re now preparing our 2023 Diversifying into Latin America webinar series and we’re looking for Kiwis interested in Latin America as a new exporting market.

Applications are open, but places are limited.

DILA webinar series learning objectives:

  • Access and apply the latest market intelligence, tools, and strategies to support your business engaging successfully with Latin America.
  • Apply feedback and knowledge from peers, academics and Latin America market specialists to refine your Latin American engagement.
  • Learn and apply practical intercultural business skills.

Webinar series information

Webinar 1: 13 April 2023

Understand successful strategies of New Zealand firms in Latin America.

Webinar 2: 20 April

Business dynamics and environmental conditions of doing business in Latin America

  • Explore diverse country-specific markets.
  • Understand specific country risks and strategies to manage such risks.

Webinar 3: 27 April 

Business partnerships: how to establish and maintain strong business relationships in Latin America

  • Identify business partnerships.
  • Build and maintain trust in relationships.

Webinar 4: 4 May

Innovation in Latin America and the digital landscape

  • Learn about digital and tech transformation in Latin America and the importance of digital commerce.
  • Examine opportunities and challenges for New Zealand businesses to innovate for the region.

Webinar 5: 18 May

Understand what the Latin America consumer wants

  • Consider consumer trends in the region and specific countries and evaluate opportunities for your business.
  • Assess changing business and consumer behaviour in COVID-times.

Our DILA facilitators:

Dr Antje Fiedler – Senior Lecturer University, Auckland Business School

Dr Tanya Jurado – Senior Lecturer, Massey University Business School

Craig Nicholson – Deputy Director, Latin America CAPE

Adriana Destenave – Programme Manager, Latin America CAPE

No cost however spaces are limited

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